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SEMI-PERMANENT BUILDER - Soak Off Builder Gel - Overpolish

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Overpolish Builder Long Nails is a new product that you definitely can't do without. Builder Gel LONG NAILS for Extension is to be used in combination with the Nailover nail form.

Its coloring natural pink, in addition to being very elegant and versatile, allows operators to better visualize the extension on the Nail Form, thus facilitating a precise and well-structured nail reconstruction.

This semi-permanent builder is also ideal for coverings, to strengthen natural nails, combining with the classic Overpolish base. Its wording also makes it perfectly self-leveling, feature that will help you speed up the work in your salon.


This bottled builder gel complements and it interacts perfectly with the entire Soak Off and Spa Overpolish line: you will therefore not have to give up your trusted brand to carry out elongation work with a map!

Like any Soak Off Overpolish product, it respects natural nails and is a guarantee of perfect, elastic and long-lasting results. Even this semi-permanent builder contains the precious organic linseed oil which gives it greater solubility.

  • Contains Linseed Oil
  • Easy to work with
  • Self-leveling
  • It does not generate heat
  • It does not yellow
  • Vegan
  • Designed, produced and tested in Italy

This product is available only for professional use, dedicated to customers with VAT number to protect professionals in the beauty sector. Not available for online retail. At Overpolish we want to convey trust to professionals.


Il lino rappresenta la rinascita e la purezza. Dai suoi fiori nascono i semi che possono essere trasformati in un preziosissimo olio, ricco di omega3, acidi grassi, proteine e vitamina E, tutti ingredienti necessari per garantire la salute delle unghie.

  • La Nostra Innovazione

    Un sistema per la cura delle unghie capace di trasformare,
    rinnovare e migliorare le unghie naturali immediatamente dalla
    prima applicazione, oltre a colorarle e proteggerle.
    Avvalendosi di un'alta concentrazione di ingredienti naturali, la linea OVERPOLISH è nata per proteggere a lungo la bellezza delle
    unghie e delle mani

  • Plus: Linea Spa

    Una linea di prodotti per accompagnare dolcemente i tuoi clienti in un percorso sensoriale tattile e olfattivo, nutrendo la pelle con ingredienti naturali e senza l’utilizzo di sostanze chimiche aggressive.
    Un viaggio nel benessere non solo per unghie e mani,
    ma anche per corpo e mente.