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SEMI-PERMANENT TOP COAT with Linseed Oil - Overpolish

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The Soak Off Gel Base Coat Overpolish is extremely solublevery adherent and does not require nails opacification neither with a cutter nor with a file, without risk of damage.

It improves the structure of natural nails from the first treatment. Not a simple semi-permanent gel base, but a revolutionary product that allows to offer an improving treatment that does not damage and does not thin the natural nails. In this way your client will never have to give up the application of semi-permanent gels without ever pausing his desire to have beautiful and well-kept nails.

The first ever semi-permanent base that contains valuable nutritional elements derived from linseed oil which, known for its ability to restore natural keratin, nourishes and strengthens the nails.

DETAILS Did you know that nails also age? Over time, they lose elasticity more easily, dry up and break. From the first treatment, the base counteracts the formation of the aging lines of the nail plate.

The Overpolish base regenerates even the most damaged, dehydrated or aged nails, which will return to shine and will be healthier, more compact, plumped up and full of vitality.
Contains cellulose derived from cotton, a natural polymer that allows to reduce the chemical ingredients of the gel compound. Like any natural polymer, it dissolves more easily with the appropriate removal liquids, without resorting to files and burs. In fact, in the Overpolish salons the operator can do without the table, cutters (micromotors), avoiding the dust of the filings in the environment.
The Overpolish semi-permanent base is designed so that its dispersion is perfectly compatible with semi-permanent colors. If you want to bring nourishment to your nails you have to use the original Overpolish colors in combination.

  • does not burn

  • does not yellow

  • does not require primer

  • does not require opacification

  • flexible and protective

  • suitable for natural nails up to 5mm in length

  • easily removable

  • rich in natural ingredients

  • nail strengthener

  • cures in 30 seconds for the first layer. 60/120 seconds the second layer

  • large pack of 15 ml for 81 treatments with 2 layers (162 coats).

  • semi-permanent vegan nail polish line (does not contain schellack shellac)

  • cruelty free semi-permanent nail polish line (neither on raw materials nor on finished products)

  • semi-permanent nail polish line 7 free (does not contain toxic ingredients)

  • Overpolish is a Made in Italy brand born from the ten-year experience of the Nailover brand, a professional product for nail reconstruction.

  • Prepare and eliminate the cuticles and excess secretions that surround the nail with the help of the precious 100% organic Overpolish Sublime Cuticle Exfoliant (see the specific method of use of the product).
  • Thanks to its properties, the most difficult cuticles can be perfectly eliminated.
  • Wash your hands with Overpolish Hand Cleaner Liquid Soap
  • Pass the Blue Scrub with a Pad to eliminate any residual traces of water from the nails. In case of greasy nails, a light layer of Nail Prep One, dehydrating degreaser can be applied
  • Without dulling the nails, a thin layer of Overpolish Base Gel is applied and polymerized in a Double Light lamp for 30 sec.
  • It is then recommended to create a second layer to give greater reinforcement to the natural nails and cure in 60 sec
  • The product releases a special dispersion that allows perfect adherence to our Overpolish colors.




This product is available only for professional use, dedicated to customers with VAT number to protect professionals in the beauty sector. Not available for online retail. At Overpolish we want to convey trust to professionals.


Il lino rappresenta la rinascita e la purezza. Dai suoi fiori nascono i semi che possono essere trasformati in un preziosissimo olio, ricco di omega3, acidi grassi, proteine e vitamina E, tutti ingredienti necessari per garantire la salute delle unghie.

  • La Nostra Innovazione

    Un sistema per la cura delle unghie capace di trasformare,
    rinnovare e migliorare le unghie naturali immediatamente dalla
    prima applicazione, oltre a colorarle e proteggerle.
    Avvalendosi di un'alta concentrazione di ingredienti naturali, la linea OVERPOLISH è nata per proteggere a lungo la bellezza delle
    unghie e delle mani

  • Plus: Linea Spa

    Una linea di prodotti per accompagnare dolcemente i tuoi clienti in un percorso sensoriale tattile e olfattivo, nutrendo la pelle con ingredienti naturali e senza l’utilizzo di sostanze chimiche aggressive.
    Un viaggio nel benessere non solo per unghie e mani,
    ma anche per corpo e mente.